Summer's Breeze

by Saint Kris

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You feel that summer breeze? Tank top, no socks, bubble teas
Khaki shorts, pocket tees, I feel I’m living good and nothing seems to trouble me
And when it do I use the music to put my mind at ease
She say, “You play some instruments?” I said, “a couple keys”
Then I told her that she beautiful but subtly
And I can tell that later on she wanna cuddle me
“But are you someone’s girl cause girl I swear you gonna be
I mean you ought to be” I said it audibly
But she kept walking kept on talking then it dawned on me
This was that summer love, that going away in a month
So you know how it works, I kinda sorta does
We gonna have our fun but then that’s all it was
She say, “I like you boy, I promise you it’s just because
I’m going back to school” I said, “ya ya that’s cool”
“See I’m from out of town” I said, “stop playing around”
Hey you know I don’t care about that or how far you go
Cause I like you and you like me that’s all I gotta know
That’s all I wanna know and I can make it work
You know that long distance it can be major work
And when we first met you was a major jerk
Why did you flip the script and turn into a major flirt?
I said, “A flower’s just a seed that makes its way from dirt
And now I love the way you looking in that may long skirt”
She said, “wha’ shut up” started laughing
I said, “You shut up, just enjoy the cabin”
Now we sippin’ slow, moving fast
I love the way that the moon illuminate ya ass
She said, “That’s kinda rude”
I said, “I’m being honest”
She said, “You kinda cute”
I said, “Stop being modest
You know that I’m the shit, but so are you”
And then she sighed sighed sighed, “what we gonna do”
I said, “I know I know, I swear I feel your pain
I guess we had our sun, but now it’s time for rain
And when it rains it pours, I guess we run our course
“But will you cuddle me still?”
I said, “Ya of course”
Come in close whisper in her ear….
“Cute boy, see you in a year”
Goodnight, good try, end it all


released February 3, 2016
Lyrics: K. St Clair
Instrumental: K. St. Clair



all rights reserved


Saint Kris Toronto, Ontario

With lyrics sticking to personal experiences lived, seen and heard, it's not hard to hear the honesty in his music and the amount of thought put into his craft.

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