One Minute ft Rup Monsta

by Saint Kris

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One Minute

(Rup Monsta)

Always losing never winning
tryna’ to live blessed yet they sinnin’
Saint Kris, Rupness
For all the people that be tryin’,always fallin’ when they flyin’
Northcoast, Saint Kris

(Saint Kris)

He shed tears in his pillow
in hopes one day everybody will know why
We never thought he could fly
so he never looked up when he walked outside
He kept his head down, stayed quiet
He had poor hygiene poor diet
He didn’t care though, he was prepared though
He said, “They already think I’m a weirdo”
So forget all that, I’m my own damn gang
I’mma get my dad’s gun, “it goes click clack bang!”
I’ll take the piece right out of the box
And can’t wait to be picked on by some of these jocks
I’ll put the jock on his knees till the jock says, “please”
With my finger on the trigger and it’s ready to squeeze
He’ll yell, “stop you’re insane!”
Nah, you’re important cause the game that you playin’

(Rup Monsta)

Always losin’ never winnin’
Tryna’ live blessed yet they sinnin’
Now can I take your time
Maybe change your mind, yeah only need a minute
For all the people who be tryin’
Always fallin’ when they flyin’
But yeah they got strong heart but they timid
Let me take just one minute, yeah

(Saint Kris)

She shed tears in her pillow
In hopes one day everybody will know why
She never thought she was pretty
Because she lookin’ in the magazines and everyone skinny
She got her haircut, she got make up
So she’d never look the same when she’d wake up
She got everything on but her true face
And knows every single man as a two face
She needs love and some hugs
But all she ever get is the club and some drugs
And a couple more drinks
Till she on the tile floor near the bathroom sink
Now she curled up cryin’ now biting her fist
She said,” I’m nervous of dying living a life like this”
And now I heard that she tryin’ to cut up her wrists
But the pain runs deeper than them razor blade slits

We shed tears in our pillow
In hopes one day everybody will know why
We never thought we could help
But now we taking off the blinders livin’ a life for ourselves
See, help a mother help a son
Help your brother understand that he’s not the only one
That’s going what he’s goin’ through, people never want to help
Until they feel they know you or maybe when they told to
Let me shed some light let me show you
Let me say a couple words here and I hope you
Understand 99 kids won’t listen
But there will be that one kid that sees your vision
Of not a life that’s perfect but a life that’s better
Can I take one minute just to change you forever
Can I change your life
Can I say the right rhyme maybe change your mind?


released August 11, 2015
Written by: K. St. Clair, J. Russell
Produced by: J. Russell
Artwork by: L. Parker



all rights reserved


Saint Kris Toronto, Ontario

With lyrics sticking to personal experiences lived, seen and heard, it's not hard to hear the honesty in his music and the amount of thought put into his craft.

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