by Saint Kris (feat. Rup Monsta)

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We getting intimate, into it, yea she want it
We home alone for now, but her parents are home in moments
We trying do our thang, but we know they won’t condone it
So she told me not to think, now I stop, and I’m on it
And it feels good, baby so good
Her friends will try to warn her that I’m up to no good
I try to reassure, I say I’m dedicated
But the problem was I said it to her face while I was faded (Saint Kris!)
And now we drink and we party
And every conversation needs to end with, “I’m sorry”
We playing old games, like we be playing Atari
Thought she wanted a bad boy, I thought she wanted Mike Lowwwrrrey
And I wanted a good girl, with bad tendencies
Yea we know it’s meant to be, cause we fight and then she leave
Gave it up it, it was meant for me
Man these other guys will touch her, but I touch her mentally, ah!

(Hook – Rup Monsta)
Hey girl we got crazy love
Kissing in the park, now we fighting in the club
And I can’t figure it out I’m so puzzled
Hey you got me so angry, but girl you know I love you
Hey girl we got crazy love
We Kissing in the park, and we fighting in the club
And I can’t figure it out I’m so puzzled
You got me going crazy, but that’s what crazy love does.

Why you do it, you know that leaves me hurtin’
You know I see you, you know I see you flirtin’
We in a nightclub, we fighting, that’s fight club
That’s Tyler Durden, man good looking couples have a burden
Because both of them attractive, so both getting distracted
By these other people starin’, now they both overreactin’
Is it real….I don’t know
Do you love her….let her know uh
If you love her, then trust her, and let it be
They say that sometimes when you love them you should set them free
And now you worried that she getting excited to leave
But you convince yourself, “I know she coming back to me”
Uh, I guess she like my type of loving
So let’s work this out together and make something out of nothing
Stop making something out of nothing
Always crying me a river cause you always thinking I’m bluffin’ come on!


released December 5, 2013
(Production: Rup Monsta)



all rights reserved


Saint Kris Toronto, Ontario

With lyrics sticking to personal experiences lived, seen and heard, it's not hard to hear the honesty in his music and the amount of thought put into his craft.

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