by Saint Kris

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Uh, put your hands in the air conduct the symphony
Body made in heaven and was sent for me
Bound, this is my epiphany
I could be your Mark Paul, you could be my Tiffany
Amber, Thiessen, damn girl you decent?
Good, grab your things, say goodbye now we leavin’
Peacin’, uh we peacin’ out
Every time that I see her I be, be cheesin’ out
Cause she, got a style got me smilin’ from ear to ear
A lovers soundtrack, you all I wanna hear
You what I wanted dear
And once I got you
We can do anything we want to
Uh, this that true shit
This that me I say it then I go and do shit
This that me I’m here and I’m ready to prove shit
This for my people who just simply wantin’ new shit
New shit, that new rap, nah nah this not that boom bap
I’m simply just a dude who’s saying yes I can do that too
This verse is like a new tattoo
It’s gon’ be hot a little while then just ''aw that's cool''
I mean you spent a lot of money taking all that school
And now you using it for what...ah you fool, uh
Damn why you gotta be dumb
Stop thinking if you build it everybody gon’ come
Uh, Nobody might come
Stop thinkin top ten, start thinkin bout ONE
Yourself, just worry bout yourself
Ya my friend who got the wealth told me worry bout your health
And I know that that’s true, I know it’s so true
But I can't help but feel like I'm so overdue
Like the world owes you, but it don't owe you jack, uh
Why when you rap, they think you gotta be black uh
Why when you black, they think you gotta tote gats
Man I walked a couple paths in my Jordans and Shaqs
I went from bad imitations, to Dad’s limitations
To grands upon grands On these grand celebrations uh
I know my time's coming, it's just hard to walk the walk when everybody else runnin’.


released November 29, 2013
Original: Bound 2 - Kanye West




Saint Kris Toronto, Ontario

With lyrics sticking to personal experiences lived, seen and heard, it's not hard to hear the honesty in his music and the amount of thought put into his craft.

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