Best Day Ever

by Saint Kris

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I turn the lights down low when I write shit
No smoke, no dope, never light shit
Everybody online never like shit
take aim, go bang, you just might hit

A Benny Gold mine, a Benny Gold mine
Cheap vid kid, but incredible rhymes
Trying to give these people a couple edible lines
gotta reach new heights and unforgettable times

Like on stage with Cole,
Nah on stage before Cole
But still l got to go and open up my soul
For a couple hundred kids that I never would known

How funny is that
K- town Kris, made a funny lil rap
Made a lil money now he found a new map
That he trying to put his name on, let me get my cape on

Super hero feeling, taking off like an airplane
Reminiscing on the day I hit the airwaves
I Remember walking up the stairways
To meet Miss Melissa, Hi I'm Saint Kris and a

Here’s a couple songs I would like to submit
Looking back, like those songs was the shit
Looking back like those songs felt legit
But that 20-20 hindsight, the songs didn't fit.

What a blessing in disguise
I admit it ya it took a couple tries
But once I made it,man it made it much better
Got me feelin like
Damn this the best day ever.

this the best day
this the best day ever
this the best day
can i hold on to the moment from now till forever?

this the best day
this the best day ever
this the best day
can i hold on to the moment from now ...

what if my best day was yesterday
And now i'm feeling mighty stressed today
It's feeling like a test today
Silver lining guess i'm on a new quest today

Let me take my time while i climb in my mind
To the top of the hill, jump off for the thrill
Hit the ground, make a sound, even hurt my heel
Just to know that's its real,

Everything i want i gotta save for
Everytime i work i ain't paid for
But i hope it pays off and that i make more in the end
Spread word of mouth,friend to friend

But don't hassle nobody
Jump through hoops or shake your ass for nobody
Or give cash to nobody
Let's go by this, if they love me, they love me
And that'll be


released April 3, 2014
Original: Best Day Ever by Mac Miller




Saint Kris Toronto, Ontario

With lyrics sticking to personal experiences lived, seen and heard, it's not hard to hear the honesty in his music and the amount of thought put into his craft.

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