Mount Carmel EP

by Saint Kris

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released June 25, 2013




Saint Kris Toronto, Ontario

With lyrics sticking to personal experiences lived, seen and heard, it's not hard to hear the honesty in his music and the amount of thought put into his craft.

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Track Name: Confetti

Mic check 1-2-1-2
Yea, Saint Kris

Now are you ready, yea I’m ready
Now are you ready, I said I'm ready ahhh
Now are you ready, haha

Are you ready, yea I'm ready
Ready to blow up like confetti
When you blow up don't forget me
Told him homie don't be silly
He said, nah I meant it really
When you rap there's something different
I wish I had your headphones just to hear what you are hearin’
Uh, hey maybe the fame is what I’m fearin'
Maybe I’ll change be less endearin'
Get caught up in all the cheerin'
I’m lost in the applause, made me forget my flaws
I’m thinking I’m BIG, I'm Pac, I'm Hov, I'm Ye, I'm Em, I'm Nas
Uh, settle down and don't be stupid nah
You found an oldie then you looped it ah,
You thinkin’ that's the key to gettin recruited
Well you miss a hundred percent of the shots if you don't ever shoot it
So go bang, go bang, just take the shot and go bang
Let your nuts out let em' hang if there's blood I got to show fangs
Cause you gotta get it while it's hot, that's if you want it
Now my favorite rappers song is in my phone inside my pocket
Yea my favorite rapper unknown, my favorite rapper has grown
My favorite rapper's so chill and still will make hits all up in his home
Cause he likes that, yea thinks its self sufficient
Now he's feeling like the king of St. Mary- St. Vincent
On top of the game, on top of the world
On top of his girl, stop thinkin’ bout your nuts you not a squirrel
So I digress, digress, you know step back to make progress
You know twitter full of that nonsense but I keep calm with my common sense
Shit, it's simple aint it?
If you want your picture perfect then you got to go and paint it
Yea the window of opportunity is here don't let them stain it
And I'm riding at an even pace so yes I will sustain it
And I’m leaving...with the same folk that I came with
My same crew my same crowd
Don’t brag or boast but I am proud
We workin’, workin' until our brains are hurtin'
Yea I’m workin’ just so I can say I know one thing for certain
Yea I’m ready, I swear that I’m ready yeaa
I said I’m ready, I’m swear that I’m ready ahhh
I said I’m ready, I swear that I’m ready yea
I mean I’m grabbin' the wheel, I’ll hold it steady
Ready to blow up like confetti, Bang!

(women on sample singing)
I don't even know how to love you
Just the way you want me to
But I’m ready to learn
Yes I’m ready to learn
Yes I’m ready to learn
Yes I’m ready to learn....
Track Name: Missin' You
Missin’ You

Yea uh
Said I’m missin’ you it’s like…
Yo, Saint Kris, Saint Kris

Yea uh
Man I miss that, you know the chit chat
You know the talks I’m, I’m feelin’ lost I’m
Wondering if this is how it works,
I mean you moved away from school but then you stayed for work
Out there out there
Feelin’ like how dare, how dare
Do you not come back to the city called home
By the time you come back now the city all wrong
Everything did change, roads got paved
Put a lot of work in never got saved
Never got played, no not even one song
By the time I come back I don’t know no one
I don’t owe no one
Nothing nothing no more
No pain no gain and I sound so sore like…
They didn’t even play my hits
But then I try to front like I never gave a shit
But I did, who knew?
I’m just a new kid in a new school
Tryina’ learn the ways of this rap shit
Learn and adapt shit
Tryina’ spark flame let it burn like a match shit
Here’s hopin’ that they catch it
I got a flow so pro don’t pass it
I mean slight promo don’t gas it
We gotta let it all grow organic
God dammit, I gotta change my ways
It’s not about jeans and J’s
Never gon’ rock 2 chains till my money all dark knight
Yup Bruce Wayne…
That’s dumb though
Get the world in your hands don’t fumble
And I heard that actions speak much louder than words
So I’m like in the mirror like ‘’Bitch don’t mumble’’
Saint Kris and I’m out yea
Saint Kris and I’m out yea
Three, twenty, nine, go